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Health and Medical Experts

Physicians for Quality is a networking agency to help attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, locate qualified, objective expert witnesses in medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury and other cases.

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Choose the Right Expert

More than 5,000 experts from around the country have registered with PFQ.

Medical Counseling

PFQ is committed to fairness over bias.

Qualified Doctors

Highly qualified, objective medical professionals provide better analysis and make better witnesses than "hired guns."

Experts Near You

We have experts in many areas of the country. PFQ will first try to obtain an expert in your geographical area.

How We Work and What We Charge

  • You, an attorney, fill out an order form requesting expertise in one or more specialties.
  • We call you to confer as needed.
  • Over the next 24-72 hours, we contact experts who have registered with us and ask them if they are willing to review your case. If so, we tell them to expect your call.
  • Within 2-3 days, we provide you with the names and phone numbers of several experts in each specialty you have requested. (If we experience difficulties, we let you know as soon as they arise.) Physicians for Quality charges a flat fee of $360 per specialty per case.
  • You contact the experts directly to determine their suitability. We strongly recommend that you contact all the experts we have given you, and that you contact them as soon as possible.
  • When you find a suitable expert, you arrange to ship records and a cover letter to him or her (not to Physicians for Quality), and make whatever financial arrangements are appropriate. Physicians for Quality does not get involved in financial arrangements between attorneys and experts.
  • If none of the experts are satisfactory, you contact us immediately. Physicians for Quality will find a replacement, or refund your $360 referral fee.

If you need other medical-legal services, such as researchers, photographers, illustrators, etc., call Physicians for Quality.